Our New Year Black Plate Specials

If you’re a steak and potato kind of guy (or gal!), our latest Black Plate Special, Seasonal Side and Sweet are sure to satisfy your appetite for these perfect partners.

Smoked Ranch-Cut Steak starts with grain fed, USDA choice beef, then each boneless cut is hand-rubbed with a special mix of savory seasoning. Then it's wood-smoked, low and slow, adding that complex depth of smokiness craved by steakhouse fans everywhere. We then do something unexpected—it's reverse seared (meaning we do that last, not first) to seal in all those beefy juices. The super hot caramelization intensifies the crust for an even more satisfying bite in each tender morsel.

Baked Sweet Potato from North Carolina are big, bold, bursting with flavor and stuffed with extra honey butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Mother always said eat your vegetables—this will make you both happy.

Blueberry Cobbler—like blue jeans & cowboy boots, cobbler and country roots—some things just go together. That’s why you gotta end that meal with this heaping helping of Texas inspired homemade heaven. Plump, bursting-with-goodness blueberries all joined together in their sweet juiciness, then covered with a golden crust. You just had yourself the perfect dinner. Enjoy.