A deeper understanding of what our Freedoms cost

Juan Gomez“I hereby declare that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America…”

“That I will perform work of national importance…”

"That I take this obligation freely … so help me God.”

No, that is not the oath of an elected leader or military officer. Nor is it a Hometown Hero sworn to protect, serve and save us in Our Communities. In fact, it is said proudly by Americans who may very well be your neighbor or coworker. And they feel especially privileged to do so as NEW citizens of this great country.

We know. At MISSION BBQ, we are honored to work side by side with Juan Gomez. Growing up in war torn El Salvador, he often felt “you didn’t know if you’d still have life the next day.” Yet where he once hoped just to survive, today he has a Servant’s Heart. As Pit Master in our California, MD location, Juan Proudly Serves Those Who Serve.

The work can be hard, and hot, with long hours starting early each morning. But as General Manager Jim Bloomer says, “Juan is passionate about the USA and its Heroes. He knows the price of freedom, and pays deep respect to it daily.”

Today, July 4th 2017, is Juan’s first Independence Day as a nationalized American citizen. We congratulate him, and invite you to share in the celebration here: