How Should We Remember 9/11?

We all watched.

As hijacked jets ripped into the World Trade Center, as another crashed the Pentagon, as UA Flight 93 went down in Shanksville, we thought “how could this happen?” Who would do this to America? What we saw that day was seared into our collective memories. Yet in the wake of such a national tragedy, Americans united. We felt a greater sense of patriotism. More flags waved. Memorial services brought shared comfort. Volunteerism increased. Donations went up.

Threatened with losing the freedoms our nation had long enjoyed, Americans better appreciated them.

For The Love Of Our Country
10 years after the day our world changed as we knew it, MISSION BBQ opened its first restaurant. We knew that our fellow Americans wanted to continue that shared sense of purpose. We also agreed that what makes our country great is its Heroes — those who raise their right hand swearing to protect, serve and save the rest of us. So we’ve dedicated Our Mission to serving them.

Our loyal customers have helped make the difference. They’ve fully supported efforts to raise thousands through our Hometown Heroes Cup program. As we’ve grown, they’ve joined us at pre-opening events benefitting vital charities for the military as well as local police, firefighters and first responders. We see them at fundraisers and community service functions. And, during our daily noon salute to the National Anthem in each of our stores.

Yes, with each anniversary of 9/11, we call to mind the events of that day.

More importantly, we remember what America stands for—and stand together in pride.