If These Walls Could Talk, They'd Tell You About Service | K. Madison Carter

“Looking at the pictures on these walls,” K. Madison Carter says, “you can see an lot of people who are proud of the relationships they’ve developed in the United States Military, in Law Enforcement and with their teams.”

Carter should know. As a former State Trooper, as a Deckplate Minister aboard the USS Tortuga LSD 46, and today as an active duty Naval Chaplain, he has served his community and country from Indiana to the Sea of Japan. Staring at his own photos now on display among others at the Jacksonville, North Carolina MISSION BBQ, he is respectfully proud.

“There is a story behind every picture,” he adds. “But through every story, there’s an aspect of service. Someone who is carrying out that act of service to give us the freedom we hold dear. Someone who allows us to sleep safely tonight. Someone who is standing watch. It makes you think to yourself what an amazing country we’re part of.”

We agree, and invite you to watch his own inspiring Story of Service here.

K Madison Carter