A Magical Moment in Wyomissing, PA

We call them “Magical Moments” at MISSION BBQ. Extra special times when we are privileged to serve, proud to be part of someone’s happiest memories and, yes, moved to tears by the occasion.

It happened again on February 12 — when Dominique Ramos called to say her husband, Javier, was coming home from deployment and could we help surprise his family. Their plan was for him to be hidden in the restaurant and once his family placed their order, he would emerge and serve their meals.

Of course, we said yes. And had goosebumps while planning. We arranged to have a cake with “Welcome Home” written on it. All our teammates signed a card as well, and some were quite emotional even before our hero soldier arrived. From the moment he walked in, Javier had a huge smile on his face. When it was time to bring his family their meals, his entire face was radiant.

Proudly, confidently, Javier walked over to his family. His sister noticed first, immediately beginning to cry, jumping off her seat and hugging her brother. Next was Dad. Such a proud father/son moment. They embraced, patted each other’s backs and looked so intently at each other. The positive emotions in that room were felt by all involved. Customers were looking too, not quite sure what was going on, so I shouted “Welcome Home, Javier!” The restaurant erupted in applause!!

Such moments truly ARE magical. Every day, we’re proud to serve those who serve yet it is times like these that are especially rewarding. We were more than just happy to be included in this unforgettable homecoming. We were blessed.

(Submitted by Jenny Winchester, MISSION BBQ Brand Ambassador, Wyomissing PA)