MISSION BBQ Voted Best in Baltimore

Best of BaltimoreWow! We’re humbled. Baltimore Magazine just gave us major props and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

“If you like a generous helping of patriotism, along with your pulled pork, MISSION BBQ is the place to go. At noon each day, the staff and patrons come to a standstill as a taped version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” resounds. It’s a moving few minutes, and that’s just what co-owner Bill Kraus wants. He hopes people will remember to honor the men and women who serve our country whether they are soldiers, firefighters, or police officers. Given his commitment, it makes sense that Kraus chose all-American barbecue to showcase at his first restaurant. He and business partner Steve Newton traveled around the country searching for the best versions to serve at the fast-food-style restaurant and catering operation. We’re impressed. We like what they’re doing on the plate—and in their hearts.”

Best of Baltimore