Because We Can...

Why do we stand for our National Anthem? Because we're proud Americans, grateful for 
our country's freedom. Because we're not afraid to show that pride, standing alongside Our Uniformed Hometown Heroes, active military, veterans, and family. We stand tall with 
hands on our hearts, teaching our children this is how it's done. This is what we do before sporting events, before important community gatherings, before God.

It's a ritual many of us remember from our school days, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance—an addition to the U.S. Flag Code formerly adopted by Congress in 1942. A symbolic gesture to the flag binding us together no matter what our background or differences, proudly waving to this day on military bases, above firehouses and police stations, government buildings and on the moon. The anthem itself, originally written over 200 years ago—even before we were a “house divided” during the Civil War—is now sung and cherished nationally in Northern States, Southern States, Commonwealths and the District of Columbia.

So every day at noon, in every MISSION BBQ restaurant, you'll see this sacred tradition carried forward. You'll hear the inspiring performance of the Sun Harbor Men's Chorus. And you'll feel. Deeply. The swell of confidence that comes from belonging to the greatest nation on earth. The respect for those who fought to preserve our way of life. 
The strength we share together, bravely, heads held high and never cowered.

We stand because this is what we stand for as patriots. Because it proves, as Francis Scott Key wrote, that our flag is still there.

That is why we hope you'll join us here. 

In salute. In honor. 

Because we can.

Here's the version we play every day at MISSION BBQ by the Sun Harbor Men's Chorus.

Listen to this unique rendition by military veterans Madison Rising.