Open Wide For Our Eye-Opening Summer Specials

Rib EyeCoffee-rubbed Rib Eyes! Southern-style Collard Greens. Down home Banana Puddin’. Our latest Black Plate and Seasonal Specials are waiting for you now.

Smoked Rib Eye
It’s the perfect blend: We hand-rub tender, boneless rib eyes with fresh ground espresso and our own special spice mix. Then slow smoke them til their rich marbling melts into the meat. THEN all those mouthwatering juices are sealed in on a searing-hot skillet. Sure to perk up your tastebuds!

Kickin’ Collard Greens
You’ll get a kick out of these even if you’re not from below the Mason-Dixon line. Bold seasonings, spiked with garlic pepper. Bathed in hearty broth. well-seasoned collard greens. A Southern feast!

Banana Puddin’
Thick cuts of fresh bananas tumbled into our own homemade creamy sweet custard. Crunchy vanilla wafers. All topped with real whipped cream and more cookie crumbles on top. A downhome classic.