What’s brewing now? Coffee-Rubbed Rib Eyes. Kickin’ Collard Greens. Banana Puddin'.

Our latest Black Plate Special, Seasonal Side and Sweet are here, so take time to smell the coffee-rubbed rib eyes, eat your greens, and grab a bunch of Southern comfort.

Smoked Rib Eye
Steak for breakfast? Almost! The secret is a downright addictive rub of fresh ground espresso with our own special spice mix. We hand-season tender, boneless rib eyes and slow-smoke them until their rich marbling melts into the meat. Then seal in those juices on a searing-hot skillet, ready to perk up your taste buds with every beefy bite.

Kickin’ Collard Greens
It’s hard to find a Southerner who doesn’t love a bowl of well-seasoned collard greens. But even if you’re from up North, you’ll get a kick out of this! Bold. Bathed in hearty broth. Spiked with garlic pepper. It’s true food for the soul.

Banana Puddin’
You could call it “pudding,” but that’s just not authentic. This recipe is, though—a downhome classic with thick cuts of fresh bananas tumbled into our own homemade creamy sweet custard. Then you gotta have crunchy vanilla wafers, all topped with real whipped cream and more cookie crumbles on top. Nothin’ beats it.