“Yes, Ma’am I’ll Have Seconds Please…”

BPS Let’s talk comfort food. Like mom used to make. (Or maybe she still does, but deserves a break because all that handcrafted care takes up a lot of Sunday.) Made from scratch with nothing frozen or microwaved. The freshest ingredients, and “secret” seasonings handed down from Grandmom. An extra splash of cream, a watchful eye to brown up everything just right, and a whole lotta love.

Yup. That was the inspiration for our Black Plate Special, Seasonal Side & Seasonal Sweet. Dig in!

Ricky Bobby Chicken: Our take on “Shaaake & Bake” is a Southern classic with a crispy, crunchy coating and sealed-in juicy goodness. Plump tender chicken. Special spices and seasonings. So every bite makes you want to race for more.

Smashed Potatoes: Like your side dishes on the hearty side? Help yourself to extra helpings of premium russet potatoes gently steamed and smashed with just the right touch of cream, garlic and spices.

Peggy's Peach Cobbler: Yes, Peggy is a real person. A Preacher's wife, in fact, famous for her warmly-welcomed recipe. Bursting with fresh-picked flavor, tucked into a crumbly-perfect pastry, it’s heavenly.