Big On Shrimp? They're Back, Along With a Few Friends!


Now on the menu: Classic comfort foods from the Bayou and mighty Mississippi, plus a brand new sidekick. For a limited time only.

Shrimp on the BBQ: First, we smoke the seasoning. Then, season and grill each plump, juicy morsel so every bite bursts with bayoutiful flavor. Try yours with our own hand-crafted Chipotle Cocktail dipping sauce.

NEW! Corn Casserole: Get the last bites of summer with sweet corn,  fresh cream cheese and eggs, all baked golden brown to perfection. This’ll harvest your hunger right.

Mississippi Mud Pie: Oozing with layers of chocolate, the gooey goodness keeps rolling by with sweet cream cheese whipped topping all folded over our homemade graham cracker cookie crust.