A Taste of America Brought Back Home

We're always looking for the country's best down-home dishes—learning from leading pit bosses, world famous chefs and family-favorite cooks. Our latest Black Plate Special, Seasonal Side and Sweet are inspired by tucking into these *AHEM* research trips. But you don't have to travel any further than your local MISSION BBQ.

Smoked Ranch Steak We start with grain fed, top cut USDA choice beef, then hand-rub each steak with a special mix of savory seasoning. Then it's wood-smoked, low and slow, adding that complex depth of smokiness craved by steakhouse fans everywhere. THEN, it's reverse seared—meaning we do that last, not first—to seal in all those beefy juices. The super hot caramelization gives it a full flavored crust before biting into each tender morsel. You can bet the ranch your taste buds will be happy.

Cajun Corn With a nod to our New Orleans hero, Paul Prudhomme, who put Louisiana greatness on the map (and our plates), here's a zesty, buttery batch of kicked-up corn that does him proud. Sautéed with meaty bacon and fragrant onions, we spice each handmade batch with our own bayou blend of Cajun magic. It's a Mardi Gras celebration in your mouth.

Mixed Berry Cobbler Head on out to the hill country of Texas, park your pick-up or hitch your horse to the back porch post, and sit down to some homemade heaven. Plump, bursting-with-goodness mixed berries all join together in their sweet juiciness, covered with a crumbly golden crust: Every meal with a Lone Star style smile.