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9 All-American Flavors To Savor

SaucesWe traveled the country to bring back these home-made favorites, then serve them up fresh at every table so you can try each one. Want to take some with you? Just ask!

Memphis Belle—Memphis is sweet. She's got Elvis, foggy banks of the Mississippi and smokey old blues bars. She's Sweet and Smokey...

Two kinds of ribs for all kinds of carnivores.

Mission BBQ Bay-B-Back RibsWe earned our chef chops traveling this great land to find the nation’s best BBQ. And that's when we learned why some folks call St. Louis “America’s Top Grilling City,” so we brought their rib recipe back home. But in our opinion, the Baltimore area's Bay-B-Que ribs rank right up there. So which is it? That distinctively tangy tomato-based sauce that made Missouri famous? Or our very own dusted with Old Bay specialty inspired by crab boils on the Eastern Shore? You...

Why Our Walls Stand Tall

Mission BBQ StoriesThey are as real as the brave men and women who earned them. The medals of honor, badges of courage and treasured mementoes you see on our walls, tables and booths are authentic symbols of true American heroes...

Prime Rib: Just in time for the holidays.

Prime Rib

Starting November 23 for a limited time only, our marbled marvel for meat lovers will be on the menu again! (Try saying that 5x fast.) This true delicacy is a meltingly-tender prime grade cut above you’ll truly...

We're grateful 365 days a year. Today, we said thank you in person.

Pulled Pork SandwichThere were brave Americans who stormed the beaches during WWII, active military still in uniform, Plebes fresh from the Naval Academy — and lots of TV cameras eager to help us tell their story! Accompanied by a stirring live performance of the National Anthem sung by Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant Peter Smith, the enthusiastic crowd rose in unison to salute our...

Pulled Pork Piled High With Flavor

Pulled Pork SandwichIt’s one of our signature dishes and one taste will tell you why.

Dry-rubbed with our special blend of spices, slow-smoked for 12 hours, hand-pulled and glazed with extra juices just before serving, you’ll feel...

MISSION BBQ Feeds Stars at Sunday In The Country Concert

Sunday In The Country ConcertOn September 16, it was our mission to fuel a great music tradition. That’s when WPOC's annual Sunday in the Country concert series came to Columbia and we put some “tang in their twang.”  This year’s lineup of up-and-coming country stars included Eric Church, Thompson Square, Justin Moore and David Nall — who all enjoyed our pulled pork, smoked turkey, potato mash, and more.  Their performances were perfect and so was the weather, made even better with a whiff of MISSION BBQ in the air.

Check out our Gallery and also check out WPOC's video and pics. We're now looking forward to next year.

We will never forget.

September 11, 2012

The date is etched forever in our memories, in our respect for those who gave all, and in our ongoing support of the bravest and finest who put their lives on the line every day.

September 11, 2012 was also our first anniversary. To commemorate this special day, MISSION BBQ raised funds and raised hope for some of the most selfless people we’ve ever known...

Over the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

National Anthem VideoThere are police squad cars and pick-up trucks in the parking lot. Retired firemen and active duty military wait side-by-side in line. Businessmen tuck ties inside their shirts before tucking in to a hearty helping. It’s noon at MISSION BBQ, and the crowd is hungry. But first comes the celebrity-voiced announcement: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us to stand for our national anthem as we do every day in honor of...

Happy Birthday to You, Get Your FREE BBQ!

Birthday BrigadeTen-hut! Or eleven. Or 23. Or 63. It doesn’t matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated, at MISSION BBQ it’s on us on your special day. Our Birthday Brigade welcomes battalions of all ages with a complimentary meal you can feel good about—even if you don’t feel so great about turning a year older. Regular customer Tom Harcharek brought the whole family for his 49th, then back again...

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