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Making It Matter During Our 1st Year In Winchester: Because Family Matters.


The thing about Winchester is it really feels like home. Friendly neighbors who all know each other. Parades and annual celebrations that bring people together. Where the past is preserved yet there’s still room for something new — like us. From the first day MISSION BBQ set foot in town, we felt like family.

9/11: Never Forget — Raise A Cup To Support Our Local Heroes

One of the worst days in America’s history saw some of the bravest acts in American history. 16 years later, we still admire the Heroes of 9/11 and our respect continues to grow.

Now through September 11th, you can help honor them with the limited edition 9/11 American Heroes Cup. With every purchase, we’ll donate $2 to local Police, Fire and First-Responders.

Proud to be part of the Oviedo, FL Community


Oviedo, Florida warmly welcomed MISSION BBQ to its 53rd location on August 7th. The historic city is our 9th˙location in Florida and we could not be more honored. Even before officially opening our doors, this generous community has shown its support for its local heroes. On Wednesday, August 2, during a Firefighters’ Friends and Family Night, $2,061 was raised to benefit the Shane Kelly Memorial Scholarship. The following evening, a Police Officers’ Friends

In Honor of Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart

225 years ago, General George Washington created the Purple Heart Medal on August 7, 1782. About 1.8 million have been awarded since then, and every recipient is an American Hero. Most were wounded in combat fighting for our country. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice and never returned. Some were prisoners of war, enduring unspeakable hardships. All of them are in our hearts today.

227 Years of Defending Our Coasts

Coast GuardThe U.S. Coast Guard celebrates its 227th birthday this year. Founded on August 4th, 1790, it was originally just ten vessels built to enforce federal tariff and trade laws. Today, it is a multi-mission military service guarding the public, the environment and U.S. economic interests in our waterways, along the coast, and on international waters.

Making it Matter in Whitehall, PA: Helping Heroes Feel At Home In Our First Year

Making it Matter in Whitehall, PA: Helping Heroes Feel At Home In Our First Year

If you put ten Pennsylvanians in a room, at least one of them is probably a Veteran. The Keystone State has one of our nation’s highest populations of Heroes who served — nearly 10% — so when MISSION BBQ opened up in Whitehall, we became a welcome home away from home. It has been our honor!

Among the most memorable moments: Attending the ribbon cutting of a new house built for disabled Veteran Christopher Claude. We were privileged to serve a crowd at this touching

Making it Matter in Ellicott City, MD: An Extraordinary First Year

Ellicott City, MD: An Extraordinary First Year

It was a year of sheer delight and sometimes happy tears. Of WWII Vets reconnecting, and collecting funds donated by generous customers. We’ve made friends with Uniformed Heroes who protect, serve and save Our Community. And welcomed regulars from all walks of life and every age, including families with newborns and great grandparents pushing 100.

Among the many highlights: Hosting a Kensmen reunion (www.kensmen.com) from the 43rd Bomb Group — still “Willing, Able and Ready” as they were back in WWII. There are many

Open Wide For Our Eye-Opening Summer Specials

Rib EyeCoffee-rubbed Rib Eyes! Southern-style Collard Greens. Down home Banana Puddin’. Our latest Black Plate and Seasonal Specials are waiting for you now.

A deeper understanding of what our Freedoms cost

Juan Gomez“I hereby declare that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America…”

“That I will perform work of national importance…”

"That I take this obligation freely … so help me God.”

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