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The Blue Star Service Banner flies for all those with a family member or loved one serving active military duty. To honor your heroes, upload a photo and tell us their story. Mission BBQ will review each one personally and post for all to see within 24-48 hours.

We're proud to share your pride worldwide.

Aaron, E6 Technical Sgt.

My oldest,Airman Aaron, has been in the US Air Force since Oct 2006. Has done a tour in Afghanistan, Spain, Panama City FL and currently at AFB in Las Vegas. His middle brother currently serves in the Marines. I am doubly Proud!

Jesse, LCpl

LCpl J.G. Bauer enlisted in US Marine Corp Sept. 2013. Has Served 2 missions in Okinawa Japan. Currently in San Diego CA I'm a Very Proud MoMMa of a Marine AND an Airman!! Semper Fi!

Bennett, AC3

AC3 Ben Wood is serving in the US Navy as an Air Traffic Controller at NAS North Island in California.

Robert, Corporal

Cpl. Clark participated in the liberation of Kuwait and securing Kuwait International Airfield w/ the 1st Marine Division. YAT-YAS! Semper Fidelis!

Sean, SGT

Sean was in the Army from 2001 to 2007 (6 years) without being deployed, however in 2008 he was recalled by the IRR and deployed to Afghanistan for 400 days. Despite being approved for a waiver, he answered the call and served honorably.

Robert, E 4

Basic Training / AIT Ft. McClellan June 1977 - October 1977 MP B Battery 1/1 Air Defense Artillery October 1977 - May 1978 Wildflecken Germany 2nd Platoon 536 MP Company Wildflecken Germany (7th Army)

Charlie, E4

Charlie Heyman served fro Feb 1988 to Dec 2001 during the first Desert Storm Conflict. HE was a US Airman stationed at Kelly AFB working for The Air Force Cryptologic Support Center (AFCSC).


He was a PH and a 5 bronze star recipient, Viet Nam vet. He married me and took on my 3 children. We have 7 beautiful grand children who he adored. He was a loving man. fought up till his death. 3-1-51/9-14-15.

Gene, SFC

17 years old. Not smart enough to know what's happening. Purple Heart did the job though.


She enlisted shortly after HS Her service was cut short due to development of MS from military vaccinations She still works military jobs as a civilian She is most proud of work that assists active & veterans with benefits for medical care


My grandfather WWIIhe waited until he was drafted. his 4 brothers were all in service and he didn't want to leave his mother alone having buried her only daughter who was only 11. This was before last son rule. He came home with PTSD.

Joseph, Sgt.

My father proudly served in the U.S. Army Air Force during WWII. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, the same barracks he reported to when he enlisted.

Kevin, SFC retired

I'm flanked by uncle Bob, US Army Corp, WWII (L) and father Buzzy, US Army Medic, Korea (R) at my US Army Retirement Party 2006


This is one of the planes that I worked on during my duty at Hamilton AFB in California.

William H.

My Father served in the United Stars Army.

George, Gunners mate . 2nd class. United States Navy

This picture is George receiving his 1st Purple Heart. He served our country from 1968 to 1970 in the Vietnam War. He served as a gunner and later a boat Captain for the River Patrol. (PBR).

Brian, LtCdr

My son, enlisted after high school. He was recruited to the Naval Academy, graduated 2007. He is serving his second tour on subs, we are so proud!


My Dad fought in WWII

Ray, MSG (Ret.)

My father wanted more than anything else to be an American, so at 17 he left his home in Canada. He served his beloved country with distinction for 21 years, completing 1 tour in Korea and 2 tours in Vietnam. He is greatly missed by us all.

Art, Cpl

USMC combat Vet 1962-1967

Kenneth, E-3

My nephew, Kenneth Logan Parris Island 2009 Infantryman 2 tours Afghanistan Very Proud Aunt. I love you Neph

Zachary, SGT

My son, Zachary Kelley, Infantryman, entered FT Benning 2009 2 months out of high school . 2 tours Afghanistan with 2nd ID, Now FL Nat'l Guard serving in Africa. Earned E-5, Soldier of year 2014 for 2-124th IN Very Proud Mom


My son Michael Rutter Jr in his Airforce uniform.

R Robinson

At 17 my dad went ahead and signed up for the Navy...He served during WW II I am SO proud of him for serving our country and helping us to be "the Land of the Free and the brave"

Alexander, Petty Officer second class

Alex joined the Navy in 2009 after graduation he was stationed on the USS Blue Ridge out of Yokuska Japan for 5 years. He is now stationed in Pearl Harbor in the ship yard keeping the fleet fit. So proud of you Alex!

Dinzel, 1st lt

Company D, 360th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division and the second one shows his service as an officer with the 162nd Depot Brigade, which was a training Brigade.

Carl, Cdr.

Best dad/grandpa and loyal Mission BBQ customer. Career Naval Aviator, USNA professor (62-64). Served in Fighter Squadron 2 aboard USS Shangri-la during WW II. 26 year Navy veteran, dad to USMC Mustang.

Mark, Ensign

Mark graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2014 and is currently serving in Corpus Christi, Texas, training as a Naval Aviator.

Katie, N/A

Our family has been proudly serving our country for generations. My grandfather (Not pictured) was the first family members to serve in the United States Air Force and we are glad to follow in his foot steps now and for many years to come.

John, Corporal

This is my dad during WWII. He was in the Army Air Corps trained as a turret bomber. He died August 8, 2008. He was a proud veteran.

CPT Kevin Olewiler
Kevin, Captain

Commander, Medical Service Corps Company 10th Medical Regiment Maryland Defense Force / Maryland National Guard Military Department of Maryland

Warren Olewiler

My Great-GrandFather Warren Olewiler in his 1901 US Army Uniform. 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry (1898)

Richard, T/Sgt.

NCO/IC, Grounds Maintenance, Dover Air Force Base, Korean War.


Jason has always loved his country, he is now active duty serving almost six yrs. He is loving, compassionate person, but on the other hand he has a Marine outlook to serve and protect. I am very proud of his work and his education.

Alex, Private First

After graduating from Susquehannock HS, Alex attended Valley Forge Military College, and then enlisted in the US Army - Infantry. Upon completion of Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA he's currently a Private First Class stationed in Korea.

Angela, E6

HQ 328th BSB, PA ARNG, Supply Sergeant 2006-present

Angela, E3

VAW-120, NAS Norfolk VA 1995-98

Benjamin, MIDN 4C

We are so proud of Ben as he begin his military career at the USNA. He told us his company commander reminds them the hard work of Plebe summer is not about's about the marines and sailors they will serve when they are officers.

Daniel, LTJG

Dan is a 2010 USNA grad, and a Naval Aviator. He flies the MH60S out of Norfolk, VA, and is a member of HSC 26. He will deploy to the Persian Gulf this summer.

Michael, E6

SSG. Michael Ollis KIA 8/28/13 sacriffied his life protecting a Polish soldier from an insurgent wearing a suicide vest. Miss you more than anything <3

Paul, E2

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” We are ready to get this deployment over with!! Paul set off to the military right from high school and is living his dream! You make this family beyond proud! Come home soon!

Tyler, Corporal

I couldn't be more proud of the love of my life!! He's made it through 2 deployments with a smile on his face defending his country. I's been amazing to see him grow into the man he is today as his dream, a US Marine .

Megan, CS3

My service members are my Daughter and Son in-law who are both active duty US Navy, serving in Japan. I'm so very proud of them both. My son in-law just came home from deployment and met his son for the first time.

RIP Scott, High Threat Ambassadors Protection Detail, maritime anti-piracy security, SEAL Teams 3 and 5 and was an honorary plank owner of SEAL Team 3 - DOT- 12.12.11

US Navy as a SEAL Teams 3&5, was an honorary plank owner of SEAL Team 3. Retired after 21 yrs than worked with the Dept of State High Threat Ambassadors Protection Detail in Baghdad, Iraq and Afghanistan, maritime anti-piracy security

Timothy J., CPL

Tim is a proud US Marine . He is currently stationed in Japan and was promoted to the rank of CPL on November 1, 2013. We are so very proud of him and are grateful to his service to our country. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!

Zackary, Lcpl

Zac was part of the Hanover Area Young Marines, he knew he wanted to be a Marine since the 5th. He left for bootcamp 10 days after high school. He graduated from PI as a PFC, and is a Air Frame Mechanic for the MV-22 Osprey.

Mary, ATAN

Mary is currently serving her 1st deployment aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. Right before she went to boot camp in Oct. 12, we shared our last meal as a family at Mission BBQ. We love our girl fiercely, are very proud of her, & miss her!

Nathaniel, SFC

SFC Nathaniel Biddle, 18E, 10th Special Forces Group, October 2013, Afghanistan GBHS Class of 2005, Enlisted July 2005 Two tours to Iraq, two tours to Africa, and one tour to Afghanistan - Miss you and love you

Ron, AM1 / E-6

Pic taken on the U.S.S. George Washingtonian in Indonesia. while attached to VFA-102 in Japan

Jose, Senior Airman

This is my son when he was deployed in Bagram airbase in Afghanistan in July 2012. I'm a current Army guy with 26 years and I'm so proud of my son serving in the Maryland Air Force National Guard with the 175th Wing. He's my hero.

Bradley, Cpl

Brad joined the USMC in November 2010. Graduated from Parris Island July 2011. He is stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. He loves Cali! Currently he is deployed to AFG. Hopefully, he'll be home in 7 months! Semper Fi!

Ben, LT

Ben is a 2008 USNA graduate, where he played varsity football. He is a Surface Warfare Officer and a veteran of two deployments to the Persian Gulf. He serves as Executive Officer of Navy Operational Support Center, Alameda CA.

Michael, 1LT, USA

Mike graduated from Towson Univ in 2011. He is a Ranger and serves as a platoon leader with 3rd BN, 7th Infantry, 4th BCT, 3rd ID, Ft Stewart GA. He is deployed to Logar Province, Afghanistan.

Alan, Lance Corporal

We are proud of the dedication and purpose Alan has learned as a Marine. He is with the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Indian Head Maryland. Oorah Marine!



Timothy, LCDR

My husband, Tim, is a helicopter pilot in the USN. This was upon his return from deployment while we were stationed in Japan. He recently deployed aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, shortly after the birth of our 4th child. We MISS & LOVE him!

Michael, SPC

Michael his wife Miranda and their daughter after the Deployment Ceremony.

Steven, E4

My husband Steven Fichthorn is a proud member of the Army, he has been both active duty and National Guard. He has deployed to Iraq and Egypt.


Very proud as you begin your journey of Service to our Country as a member of the USNA Class of 2017. Mom and Dad.

Tim, Chief

CPO TIm Shepke JR. We are so proud of you and all of your hard work. You are the BEST DADDY and HUSBAND!!! We Love You!!

Kevin, CPO

My son knew he wanted to join the Navy when he was very young. Has 3 children & uses Skype to keep in touch but its never enough. I miss him terribly and couldnt be prouder of him.


"We miss you Joshua. Can't wait to see you in August" Love , Mom and Dad The Photo is of Joshua Marsiglia in Fort Benning, GA

Vincent, Lance Cpl

Vincent is the 2nd of my sons to join the USMC. His older brother was injured in Iraq, and in honor of his brother, he joined. Vinny is married and has two children. We are very proud of him.

Charles, Corporal

My hero and husband was a Combat Cameraman who joined the Marine Corps shortly after 9/11/01. He is a third generation of men that have served their country proudly.

Chris, E2

This is my Son-in law Chris and daughter Melonie on their wedding day. Chris is stationed at NASNI, San Diego CA. He's a Aviation Boatswain's Mate (ABE), Equipment: Launch and recovery on the CVN 76USS Ronald Regan.

Joshua, Major

My husband, Josh, is an F-15E pilot in the USAF. We took this photo with our children shortly before he left for a 6-month deployment to Afghanistan. He's a great pilot, but an even better Daddy!

Tommy, SGT

My husband has been in the Army for 5 and 1/2 years, deployed to Iraq for one year in 2009, excels at everything and will continue to have an incredible career with the Army. I'm so proud of you Sweets! I love you!

Kenny, E6

Picture is of Kenny on his second deployment. This one was in Afghanistan. We love you Kenny, Nikki, Breanna , Emma and Eli