The core of Our Brand is that of a Servant’s Heart. We approach everything we do with a humble servant’s heart — putting the needs of others above our own.


Couldn’t Do What We Do Without Her

Putting others first, making sure everyone is taken care of, unselfishly giving of herself time after time. Merry Roberts has a Servant’s Heart. We’re grateful and proud to have her on Our Team.


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Shannon Sperduto, NE Philadelphia

"What Can I Do For You?” That's how Shannon Sperduto greets everyone at our Philadelphia MISSION BBQ -- especially those in need. Whether it's a fundraiser for First Responders, a thoughtful card and hug, or feeding crowds at community events, Shannon is "constantly offering love and support."

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Roxana Zetino, Nashville TN

Always With A Smile. Roxana Zetino has a Servant’s Heart. Not losing a step, getting it done, and always having a smile, she’s a great Teammate. We’re grateful and proud to have her on Our Team.

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Jeff Baker, Operating Partner, St. Matthews, KY

Jeff Baker brought out the best in everyone, always there to help, to teach and mentor, to be a friend and brother in arms. He was laid to rest on March 15, 2019. Just as we often heard him say to us with his favorite encouraging words,“We See You Shining” up there, Jeff.

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Dana Pellegrini-Shearon, Special Forces Trainer

She’s like a mom to many of Our Teammates — patiently teaching, always there when needed, sharing her knowledge and genuine care for others. Dana Pellegrini-Shearon has a Servant’s Heart and we’re all better for it.

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Patty Machuca, Canton Crossing, MD

“Patty Machuca is one of the smallest members of Our Leadership Team, but she certainly has the biggest heart of anyone,” says General Manager Dan Long at the Canton Crossing, MD MISSION BBQ. “Patty makes everyone feel like family.”

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Adam Palladino, Ft Myers FL

He delivers food to police & firefighters away from their families on the holidays. He arranged it so his Teammate could have her kids on Christmas Eve. Gold Star Moms know they have a home at his MISSION BBQ in Fort Myers, Florida. Adam Palladino inspires us all.

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Monica Bamba, Columbia, MD

“What Monica gives is real. She gives you the tools to do the job. But not only that, she gives you confidence so you know you can do the job. And that makes all the difference.” — Linda Dotterer, Brand Ambassador

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Dawn Marsiglia, Dover DE

“I know Dawn has a Servant's Heart. She's always about taking care of people, making sure they learn, helping them grow. Any way she can make a difference, she's happy to do so." — Gus Bloom, General Manager, Dover, DE

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Josh Mitchell, Regional Director of Operations

“Josh has a genuine interest in the folks who come in our restaurant, not just in our customers but with all our Teammates as well.” — Steve Newton, Co-Founder

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Charles Eliopoulos, Perry Hall MD

Charles has a true Servant's Heart which our Customers look forward to every time they visit us in Perry Hall. We're truly blessed to have him on Our Team.

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Tony Sorrells, Sr Special Forces Captain

"The mindset that Tony Sorrells has and the drive that he's able to inspire the rest of the teammates with is priceless."
— Dave Wolfrey, General Manager