The core of Our Brand is that of a Servant’s Heart. We approach everything we do with a humble servant’s heart — putting the needs of others above our own.


A True Servant's Heart

“You could tell from the beginning that he has a passion for learning but also a passion for coaching and teaching,” said ADoO Gus Bloom of Ricardo Pantoja, Servant’s Heart Leader in Dover Delaware. Ricardo Pantoja has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share his story.


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Pablo Hernandez, Pitmaster, Fort Myers, FL

“His #1 priority is to help every single one of his Teammates grow, personally and professionally,” said Ryan Morse, GM. Pablo Hernandez has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share his story.

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Mellia Haines, Assistant to the Director of Operations & Multi-Regional Catering Coordinator, Middle States

“She supports so many different people and is always willing to help no matter the time or the place,” said Jill Hammett. Mellia Haines has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share her story.

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Hernan Velasquez, Pitmaster, Rockville, MD

“He’s a great guy. He really does have a Servant's Heart.” says Tiffany Miles, Servant's Heart Leader. Hernan Velasquez has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share his story.

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Cindy Blackburn, Community Ambassador, Midlothian, VA

"She always has the warmest heart. Always smiling and friendly." says Anthony Harris, Servant's Heart Leader. Cindy Blackburn has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share her story.

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Tricia Howard, Community Ambassador, Harrisburg, PA

“I’m going to try to give back the best way that I can,” says Community Ambassador Tricia Howard. “And that is with a company like this, doing what I do.” She has a Servant’s Heart and we’re proud to share her story.

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Angeles Bravo, Kitchen Manager, Fredericksburg, VA

Angeles Bravo is "quite honestly one of the best kitchen managers, Servant Heart Leaders, in the back of the house that I've ever worked with and had the pleasure of knowing," says one of her Teammates. "She's truly a Servant's Heart and just a phenomenal leader.”

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George Thomas, General Manager, Grennbelt, MD

"You know how everyone is supposed to have a best friend at work?" says one of his Teammates at MISSION BBQ. "He's my best friend." And that's how George Thomas serves everyone. Like friends and family. "He's always going to be there," they say. "No matter what." We say he has a true Servant's Heart.

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Jason Ramsey, Dinning Room Lead, Westin, FL

"Jason is probably one of the kindest people you could ever meet. He's just an all-around great guy, you know. You don't meet guys like him very often in this world. If you ever need him, you know, he's there for you. He'll be there for you. He'll support you all the way." Jason Ramsey has a Servant's Heart and we are proud to share his story.

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Matthew Keates, Pitmaster, California, MD

"I've had the honor and the privilege of watching Matthew Keates go from being a busboy to being a Servant's Heart Pitmaster," says Jim Bloomer, General Manager, at our California, MD MISSION BBQ. "He shows this Servant's Heart in the way he takes care of what's now his people."

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Demetrius Weeden, General Manager, Waldorf, MD

"He's Truly a Great Person." His Teammates call him "selfless." "Mentor." "A father to me." One who always put others ahead of himself, while putting "a lot of time and attention and growth into younger people." He sees potential. He has grown leaders. Demetrius Weeden has Servant's Heart and we're proud he's on Our Team.

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Thank You Teammates

They've given up their own scheduled hours so others in need could work during the pandemic. They've even taken part-time jobs at other businesses just to help out their overworked friends. "It wasn't about the money," says one Operating Partner about his Teammate. "She absolutely wanted to go support her friends."

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Our Teammates

He Leaned In and Said, "How Can I Help?" During this challenging time, Our Teammates have stepped up. They've come in on their vacations, given their paid hours to other Teammates, run errands to the store for Our Customers. They're here for all of us, selflessly making a difference."

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Jenny Winchester, Community Ambassador, Wyomissing, PA

100% Real, From the Heart. Right away, when you meet Jenny Winchester, you can tell she’s a genuine person. Her Servant’s Heart is “100% real.” Whether caring for Our Customers and Our Teammates, or “adopting” a WWII Veteran who visits daily, she’s really inspiring.

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Lee Blackwell, Director of Operations, TN

Lee Blackwell has a Servant’s Heart. Taking care of others. Always there. The first to help out, always putting himself last. We’re grateful and proud to have him on Our Team.

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Jose Marroquin, Kitchen Manager, City Dock, Annapolis, MD

Kitchen Manager Jose Marroquin inspires “hope for anyone who comes in contact with him.” Whether it’s customers who count on him for authentic American BBQ or Teammates who work with him and his selfless Servant’s Heart.

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Gaby Benitez, Community Ambassador Greenbelt, MD

Ever since graduating High School, Gaby Benitez has “wanted to do something that was worth doing.” Whether joining us at MISSION BBQ to better serve her Community or enlisting in the Army National Guard to serve Our Country, her Servant’s Heart just keeps getting bigger.

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Silvia Gonzalez, Assistant Kitchen Manager, Glen Burnie, MD

Making Every Day A Better One. “Everybody is in a better mood,” says MISSION BBQ General Manager Duane Donn. “Everybody is just happy to be working with each other and I think we really see the camaraderie come out.” So who’s the one leading the way, making every day better? Silvia Gonzalez.

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Jim Bloomer, General Manager, California, MD

Teacher. Mentor. Servant. His Teammates look up to Jim Bloomer like a father figure — one who leads “in the most kind and fatherly way, but with that stern manner.” His selfless service not only makes a difference in their lives, but to those he helps as an active Navy Reservist and everyone who walks into MISSION BBQ’s four walls.”

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Craig Briggs & Maria Cordova Briggs

”It Comes From The Heart.” Married for 29 years, now working side-by-side at MISSION BBQ, Craig Briggs & Maria Cordova Briggs look after one big family of Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, active-duty military & veterans, and their Richmond community. “It’s about caring for other people, looking out for their well-being.”

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John Turner, Regional Director of Operations

"Do the best we can" Not even a hurricane when it came to serving others during a devastating storm. And not when there are coworkers who need encouragement, or customers who deserve appreciation. His “BEST” makes us all better.

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Stephen "Scuba" Lippert, Operating Partner, Virginia Beach

Diving In To Make A Difference. Our Mission Is To Serve. And we need soldiers like Steve “Scuba” Lippert … Veterans who not only understand the industry but understand what our policy is. He has integrity, our admiration, and a humble Servant’s Heart.

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Merry Roberts, Nashville, TN

Putting others first, making sure everyone is taken care of, unselfishly giving of herself time after time. Merry Roberts has a Servant’s Heart. We’re grateful and proud to have her on Our Team.

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Shannon Sperduto, NE Philadelphia

"What Can I Do For You?” That's how Shannon Sperduto greets everyone at our Philadelphia MISSION BBQ -- especially those in need. Whether it's a fundraiser for First Responders, a thoughtful card and hug, or feeding crowds at community events, Shannon is "constantly offering love and support."

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Roxana Zetino, Nashville TN

Always With A Smile. Roxana Zetino has a Servant’s Heart. Not losing a step, getting it done, and always having a smile, she’s a great Teammate. We’re grateful and proud to have her on Our Team.

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Jeff Baker, Operating Partner, St. Matthews, KY

Jeff Baker brought out the best in everyone, always there to help, to teach and mentor, to be a friend and brother in arms. He was laid to rest on March 15, 2019. Just as we often heard him say to us with his favorite encouraging words,“We See You Shining” up there, Jeff.

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Dana Pellegrini-Shearon, Special Forces Trainer

She’s like a mom to many of Our Teammates — patiently teaching, always there when needed, sharing her knowledge and genuine care for others. Dana Pellegrini-Shearon has a Servant’s Heart and we’re all better for it.

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Patty Machuca, Canton Crossing, MD

“Patty Machuca is one of the smallest members of Our Leadership Team, but she certainly has the biggest heart of anyone,” says General Manager Dan Long at the Canton Crossing, MD MISSION BBQ. “Patty makes everyone feel like family.”

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Adam Palladino, Ft Myers FL

He delivers food to police & firefighters away from their families on the holidays. He arranged it so his Teammate could have her kids on Christmas Eve. Gold Star Moms know they have a home at his MISSION BBQ in Fort Myers, Florida. Adam Palladino inspires us all.

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Monica Bamba, Columbia, MD

“What Monica gives is real. She gives you the tools to do the job. But not only that, she gives you confidence so you know you can do the job. And that makes all the difference.” — Linda Dotterer, Brand Ambassador

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Dawn Marsiglia, Dover DE

“I know Dawn has a Servant's Heart. She's always about taking care of people, making sure they learn, helping them grow. Any way she can make a difference, she's happy to do so." — Gus Bloom, General Manager, Dover, DE

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Josh Mitchell, Regional Director of Operations

“Josh has a genuine interest in the folks who come in our restaurant, not just in our customers but with all our Teammates as well.” — Steve Newton, Co-Founder

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Charles Eliopoulos, Perry Hall MD

Charles has a true Servant's Heart which our Customers look forward to every time they visit us in Perry Hall. We're truly blessed to have him on Our Team.

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Tony Sorrells, Sr Special Forces Captain

"The mindset that Tony Sorrells has and the drive that he's able to inspire the rest of the teammates with is priceless."
— Dave Wolfrey, General Manager