Stories of Service

They protect and save us.

We admire them and aspire to be like them. In uniform, in Our Communities, in every branch of the military, Our Heroes give their all —and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice.

These are their stories. On the eleventh of every month, we celebrate these selfless men and women with profiles of their service. Reflecting on their accomplishments and respecting each challenge overcome. Take note. Take pride. Please join us in honoring them here.

Very Necessary to Remember

Sean McClure was a father, a friend and a special forces soldier. Most importantly he was a role model, a hero and a brother. “I wear his bracelet. It says ‘A Brother Above All Brothers’ and I happen to have six brothers and he ranks top of all. If you ask my son, to this day, who his favorite uncle is, he’ll say Sean,” said Shawn McFaden. “Although there’s no blood tie amongst us, we’ve shared blood, sweat and tears. That’s our bond.”

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