Stories of Service

They protect and save us.

We admire them and aspire to be like them. In uniform, in Our Communities, in every branch of the military, Our Heroes give their all —and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice.

These are their stories. On the eleventh of every month, we celebrate these selfless men and women with profiles of their service. Reflecting on their accomplishments and respecting each challenge overcome. Take note. Take pride. Please join us in honoring them here.

A Passion for Training

“Almost like a kid some days, if he knew it was a ropes day or he knew it was a water day he would get super excited about that. He enjoyed keeping those skills sharp,” said Celeste Flynn about her husband Nate who passed away while fighting a structure fire. His fire department has made it their mission to use the lessons learned during that night to better train other firefighters so something similar doesn’t happen again. “The ultimate goal of this is how can we keep this from happening to another firefighter and their family most importantly,” said Deputy Chief Gordon Wallace.

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