After traveling our great country in search of the nation’s best BBQ, we felt inspired to bring this great food home. Especially for those who protect us all, the hard-workers who get it done every day, the home teams we cheer for, and of course, family and friends. Our mission is to serve you the most authentic, mouth-watering all-American food that’s done right. 

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We’re grateful to our uniformed Heroes, the Police, Fire and First Responders. We appreciate them even more due to the fateful day that changed our lives forever, 9/11! Here is the 2014 celebration of the men and women who protect, serve, and save.


Our young men and women in uniform. Veterans who served with honor. Our local police, firefighters and first responders who make the community a better place to live. They’re the people we respect most of all, so MISSION BBQ tries to give all in return. From fundraisers to service projects, we have your back. Proudly.

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Brendon Looney

 Leadership Through Presence

Even today, Brendan Looney's presence makes our country better. Relive his inspiring Story of Service, deeply respected on our walls and in the hearts of those who knew him best.

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If these walls could talk