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The POW/MIA Remembrance Table Poem

POWThis Table set for one is small—Symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner alone against his oppressors. Remember!

The Tablecloth is white—Symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country's call to arms. Remember!

The single Red Rose displayed in a vase reminds us of the families and loved ones of our comrades-in-arms who keep the faith awaiting their return. Remember!

If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Tell You About Service | Rex Strickland

Today is September 11, 16 years after the worst domestic terrorist attack on American soils. Just this morning, millions in Florida woke without power as Hurricane Irma rumbles north. In Texas, tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate after Hurricane Harvey. The ultimate toll on life and property won’t be known for some time.

Yet Rex Strickland, Battalion Chief at the Chantilly Virginia Fire Department, has hope. “What 9/11 demonstrates, what these hurricanes demonstrate, is they can’t divide us,” he says. “Deep down inside there’s too much of a patriotic spirit. We will continue, regardless, to lift this country up.”

How Should We Remember 9/11?

We all watched.

Thanking Our Hometown Heroes On 9/11

It was the day our world changed forever. And even though it has been over a decade and a half since the unthinkable terrorist attacks on our nation, America will never forget. We remember every rescuer. Every family still in grief. The fire and ash. Last phone calls and funerals. All of it.

Especially the people lost: 343 Fireman, 60 Police and Port Authority Officers, and 8 Paramedics died that day. Over 3,000 perished in NYC, at the Pentagon, and aboard UA Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA. As the Towers fell, while fires burned, we also saw...

Big On Shrimp? They're Back, Along With a Few Friends!


Now on the menu: Classic comfort foods from the Bayou and mighty Mississippi, plus a brand new sidekick. For a limited time only.

Shrimp on the BBQ: First, we smoke the seasoning. Then, season and grill each plump, juicy morsel so every bite bursts with bayoutiful flavor. Try yours with our own hand-crafted Chipotle Cocktail dipping sauce.

Making it Matter in Dover, DE: Putting Heroes First In Our First Year

Dover, DE: 1 Year Anniversary

We are the first MISSION BBQ in our nation’s first state, so it has been a privilege to be part of this truly historic and patriotic community.

Especially with an Air Force Base in our backyard! While one of their main missions at Dover AFB is to prepare and deploy Airmen, ours is to Serve them. Even before officially opening,

Making It Matter During Our 1st Year In Winchester: Because Family Matters.


The thing about Winchester is it really feels like home. Friendly neighbors who all know each other. Parades and annual celebrations that bring people together. Where the past is preserved yet there’s still room for something new — like us. From the first day MISSION BBQ set foot in town, we felt like family.

If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Tell You About Service | Roy Gene Turner

Stories of Service | Roy Turner Jr | July 2017

“Roy Gene Turner Jr. wasn't just a Police Officer. He was someone to look up to. He was a friend. He was a mentor. He wasn’t just an acquaintance, he was a brother in arms.”

And although such tributes all speak in the past tense of what Turner WAS, his memory is very much in the present. Killed in the line of duty, those shots still ring out today. His six-week-old son left behind is now a teenager. His Mom he loved so dearly wears his badge number daily.

9/11: Never Forget — Raise A Cup To Support Our Local Heroes

One of the worst days in America’s history saw some of the bravest acts in American history. 16 years later, we still admire the Heroes of 9/11 and our respect continues to grow.

Now through September 11th, you can help honor them with the limited edition 9/11 American Heroes Cup. With every purchase, we’ll donate $2 to local Police, Fire and First-Responders.

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