In Honor of Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart

225 years ago, General George Washington created the Purple Heart Medal on August 7, 1782. About 1.8 million have been awarded since then, and every recipient is an American Hero. Most were wounded in combat fighting for our country. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice and never returned. Some were prisoners of war, enduring unspeakable hardships. All of them are in our hearts today.

It is a day to pay our respects to fallen soldiers. To listen to stories of soldiers and veterans. And most of all, to thank them for their service to our nation.

MISSION BBQ is proud to support the Military Order Of The Purple Heart, (, hosting members of the National Purple Heart Truck Run as they travel across the country raising awareness. Our Teams in Tallahassee and Orange Park, Florida recently fed one touring group and if you happen to be visiting us there, we would be honored to show you photos of those Heroes on our walls. Come salute them with us.

To all who’ve earned this hallowed symbol of bravery, past and present, Thank You For Your Service.

Purple Heart