“Roy Gene Turner Jr. wasn't just a Police Officer. He was someone to look up to. He was a friend. He was a mentor. He wasn’t just an acquaintance, he was a brother in arms.”

And although such tributes all speak in the past tense of what Turner WAS, his memory is very much in the present. Killed in the line of duty, those shots still ring out today. His six-week-old son left behind is now a teenager. His Mom he loved so dearly wears his badge number daily. Fellow Police Officers and caring citizens visit the site of that tragic day, honoring it with flowers and candles. And the entire community is reminded of him while gathering in the park named in his honor.

In the Fayetteville NC MISSION BBQ, there is also a tribute dedicated to Officer Turner. “In fact, I chose to hang Roy’s shadow box in a place where everybody who comes in can see him,” says former Fayetteville Police Officer Eric Abendschein, who is now a Manager at the Fayetteville MISSION BBQ. “I see him every day,” he adds.” And like to think he can see everybody too.”

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